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Meeting the Challenge – We create and refresh healthcare brands to inform, engage and motivate.

At True Characters we are passionate about developing brands. Branding is what gives products ‘personality’. However, successful branding goes further than just a pretty logo. With our long-term client GSK, we are often challenged to re-position their brands in the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals, patients and internal sales teams to make them more memorable, endearing, better understood and desirable. We apply strategic thinking and over a decade of design sensibility to create and refresh meaningful and successful healthcare brands for GSK. We always take a holistic approach that combines logo design, taglines, colour palettes, typography, graphics, imagery style and tone of voice to create a platform of brand assets. Combined, these elements articulate the brand with authenticity, while also differentiating it from its competitors.

Due to GSK Australia’s policy we cannot feature any specific images or brand project history.

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