• 6-WS-C
Our Challenge – Sell the safety message for WorkSafe Victoria via a CD-ROM of useful tools.

The ‘SellSafe’ campaign for Worksafe Victoria was designed to educate companies (agents) who sell used agricultural machinery and equipment through clearing sales (on behalf of the farmers) about the safety considerations of such work. Delivered as a CD-ROM, we developed a suite of tools the agents could use to make sure they met their legal requirements, as well as influence the supply chain in ensuring safety was a high priority. Designed under a consistent SellSafe brand, the tool kit contained a fact sheet, advice form, record of sale form, ‘scrap material’ sale letter, ‘plant without information’ letter, machinery and equipment checklists and identifying stickers. Worksafe Victoria also conducted a series of workshops delivering practical information based on the tools we developed.

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