Since 1993, True Characters has grown to have an enviable reputation in the design industry, working with global brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Schweppes and GlaxoSmithKline and government clients such as WorkSafe Victoria and ACCC. Our reputation is built on an 18-year track record of delivering consistently high quality creative. It all begins by being great listeners, which leads to better problem solving and creating beautiful design that works.

How we deliver, makes what we deliver unique.

At True Characters you are given the opportunity to collaborate directly with our experienced, results-driven creative team. While we believe this approach is more efficient, it can also produce a more effective result as well.

We’re not like your typical big agency – we prefer to operate as a creative hub. At any time we can expand our core team with additional expertise on an as needs basis. This operational strategy means you have the best people working on your project every time. You’ll find our rates competitive due to this lower overhead cost model.

While we deeply respect your brand at all times, we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of design in our pursuit to deliver you an exceptional result. Whether the project is big or small, our commitment to making both the experience and outcome positive is paramount.